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Exceptional Holidays

Truly exceptional holidays is what we offer. By booking with one of the platforms in our family, you are assured that the holiday accommodation itself will contribute to everlasting memories. At this time we offer a platform for houseboats, tree houses, glampings and lighthouses, each with the broadest variety of unique and high quality
holiday homes at land, sea and even in the air.

Book a houseboat

You may never have thought that you can actually rent a houseboat, but floating homes are getting more popular every day. On you will find the largest offer when it comes to ships, barges and floating homes. With hundreds of listings, this website is the undisputed one-stop-shop for houseboat fans all over the world. The company was founded in Amsterdam, the houseboat capital of the world, so it should not be a surprise that they have the largest number of floating holiday homes in this city!

Book a lighthouse

Stay in one of the iconic buildings that mankind has ever created: the lighthouse. These beacons were traditionally often the first structures built along newly discovered coastlines, and have shown sailors the way for over 2000 years. Although the function of lighthouses have been replaced by the worldwide GPS-network, the towers and keepers’ cottages are still standing strong. And now you can experience what it is like to live here, and by doing so you help to preserve these wonderful pieces of heritage!

Book a treehouse

Quite the opposite from a houseboat, but nonetheless a truly unique and absolute exciting way to spend your holiday! Between the treetops, gazing at the stars, listening to the birds who you may call your neighbours for a few days. No matter how down to earth you are, staying in a tree house will lift your spirits for sure. This is the perfect way to disconnect from the every day hustle and bustle and realize what life is really about: inner peace, beauty and being with your beloved ones.

Book a glamping

So you fancy being in the great outdoors, in touch with nature and getting in touch with mother nature again. Yet, you don’t really fancy putting up your tent, let alone taking it down at the end of the holiday (and of course it’s always raining when you have to do so). We have the solution for you: book one of our many wonderful luxurious campings and beging your glamping adventure! Your dreams come true in your tent with kitchen and private bathroom. Get the peace and quiet you deserve. Have a beer and be the king in nature!

Book a fishing cabin

Get your friends together. Discuss which fish you want to catch. Go to Select the fish on the search page. Check all cabins where you can catch this fish. Book this cabin. Get your fishing gear together. Get some plane tickets. Arrive at the cabin. Open a beer, get your gear and jump in the boat. Throw out your rod. Catch that pike you’ve always wanted to catch. Booking your fishing holiday or weekend trip has never been so easy!

Book a river cruise

Ocean cruises? Been there done that. River cruises are the next big thing. Especially in Frange where barge cruising is probably invented. Imagine this: you book a river cruise for your next holiday and a luxury barge will take you down the rivers of France, like Canal du Midi or Canal du Rhône. The boat’s personel like the captain, cook, waitress and bartender are all on board and at your private disposal. Our personal booking manager will help you plan your trip. Imagine yourself cruising down the French rivers with a nice glass of Cristal Champagne in your hand… sweet!

All in all some pretty Exceptional Holiday accommodations we have got for your next trip!